2021 03 09


Getting to know protected areas, understanding what is protected, traveling around national and regional parks will be easier. The State Service of Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment is developing a new website - and is currently presenting a pilot version to the public.

By creating a new website, opportunities will be created for wider public information of protected areas and increasing environmental awareness.

According to Albertas Stanislovaitis, Director of the State Service of Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment, we want to provide visitors with more information about Lithuanian protected areas, the values ​​they contain and the objects visited. At the same time, we welcome visitor comments on the improvement of the site.

The final version of should appear in the second half of this year. So far, the website is provided only in Lithuanian, but in the future more information about the protected areas of our country will be available in other languages.

The basis of the new website for protected areas is an interactive map, where you can find detailed information about national and regional parks, reserves and reserves, biosphere reserves, etc.

The website presents almost a thousand objects suitable for visiting in Lithuanian protected areas: observation towers, visitor centers, nature schools, educational trails, natural and cultural heritage objects suitable for visiting, landscape complexes, etc.

Each unique record consists of: point or area coordinates, object address, name, short description, photos ... The new site has a function that forms a route to the selected object.

The user can view information about the system, types, history of protected areas, protected areas of international importance in Lithuania. Going to a specific national or regional park, you can find information about the park's exceptional value, landscape, biodiversity ...

The section dedicated to visiting the park presents objects adapted for visiting, a memoir for visitors, and services provided by the Directorates. Information is also provided on how to obtain a Protected Areas product label.

The website provides relevant information on protected areas, which can be found in the sections "News" and "Events". In the section "Visitor's ticket" - about the possibilities to purchase a voluntary visitor's ticket to state parks.

A new website is being developed during the implementation of the project "Knowledge of Protected Values ​​and Dissemination of Information". The project aims to substantially improve the availability of information on protected areas and their values ​​and visits.

It is expected that the website will become a reliable source for visitors about protected areas, so that the public will have a clearer idea of ​​what and why it is necessary to protect and preserve for future generations.

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