Krekenava regional park observation tower

Next to Krekenava Regional park visitor center (Dobrovolės k. 2, Krekenavos sen.) is a steel asymmetric observation tower with atotamps that was built in 2014.

Height: 30 meters. The viewpoint is located at a height of 25 meters above the ground. From there you can admire the Nevėžis valley and see the surrounding areas at a distance of about 10 kilometers. In the valley you can see the curves of the Nevėžis river, various forms of old river beds, bays. In the distance you can see the town of Krekenava, the towers of the small basilica, the dam of the former Slabada mill, the Krekenava pond, the farmsteads surrounded by cultivated fields, meadows and forest areas.

Last updated: 02-09-2021