Territories of Natura 2000

„Natura 2000“

„Natura 2000“ is a network of protected areas of ‚european Community importance in the countries of the European Union for the protection and restoration of endangered habitats and species of European Community importance. The network is based on biogeorgaphical regions. Lithuania enters the boreal region together with other Baltic states.

Intensification of land use across Europe has threatened natural habitats, declining populations of many species. It started more than a 100 years ago and continues to this day. At present, it is clear that fewer and fewer natural habitats remain. The formerly large animal populations are now rapidly becoming extinct and some species are threatened with extinction. Of the 10,000 plant species in the EU 3,000 are endangered and 27 are threatened with extinction.

The legal basis for „Natura 2000“ is two EU nature protection directives – Birds and Habitats.

Last updated: 05-05-2021