Krekenava Regional Park Reserves


The conservation zone of Krekenava Regional Park consists of Nevėžis Middle Landscape Reserve, Upytė Geomorphological Reserve, Linkava Hydrographic Reserve, Gringaliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve, Ramygala Telmological Reserve, Krekenava Urban Reserve and Upytė Historical Reserve.


Nevėžis River Midsection Landscape Reserve (area 2496.3 ha) - to preserve the landscape of Nevėžis old valley with oxbow lakes and natural meadows, rich cultural heritage values ​​- former manors, Bakainiai mound and grave field, Burveliai sacred mountain, Barinė cemetery grave field, J.Tumas-Vaižgantas and Book Smugllers museum. The most valuable natural meadows and other habitats of EU importance in the reserve are Natura 2000 sites (area about 480 ha);


Upytė Geomorphological Reserve (area 624.7 ha) - to preserve the system of Upytė, Vešeta and Liaušė river valleys, valuable habitats of natural meadows;


Linkava Hydrographic Reserve (area 161.7 ha) - to preserve the hydrographic structure of the lower reaches of the Linkava river and valuable habitats of natural meadows;


Gringaliai Botanical-Zoological Reserve (area 453.9 ha) - to preserve the populations of Gringaliai forest with rare flora and fauna, protected insects - Euphydryas maturna, Lycaena dispar, and Osmoderma banabita. The reserve is a Natura 2000 site;


Ramygala Telmological Reserve (area 291.6 ha) - to preserve the Pašiliai wetland complex with biocenoses characteristic to the Nevėžis lowlands, populations of protected insect - Eufydryas aurinia - and plants - Hamatocaulis vernicosus. The reserve is a Natura 2000 site;


Krekenava Urban Reserve (area 24.7 ha) - to preserve the urban (planned, spatial, volumetric) structure of the historical part of Krekenava town, the traditional building type (s) of the whole territory and individual plots in it, the traditional architectural expression of buildings, the complex of the Krekenava Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary buildings, other cultural heritage objects and their surroundings;


Upytė Historical Reserve (area 37.0 ha) - to preserve the historically valuable mound of Upytė, Tarnagala, called Čičinskas Hill, Upytė St. Charles Baromeo church complex and Upytė cemetery.


Reserves assigned to the Krekenava Regional Park Authority


The Krekenava Regional Park Directorate is assigned to national protected areas - state reserves, located outside the regional park. The Directorate monitors and assesses the condition of reserves.


Daugyvenė State Landscape Reserve (area 3870 ha) established in Radviliskis region in 1992, to preserve the dramatic landscape of the surroundings of the Daugyvenė Valley with a rich archeological, ethnocultural and architectural heritage;


Daugyvenė State Hydrographic Reserve (175.2 ha) established in 1994 in Pakruojis region, to preserve the very winding middle section of  the shallow floodplain of Daugyvenė;


Juosta State Hydrographic Reserve (294.9 ha) established in 1997 by Panevezys region, to preserve a section of the shallow, slightly meandering valley of the Juosta stream;


Viržonai State Botanical Reserve (32.4 ha) established in 1992 by  Panevezys region to preserve the Viržonai swamp with plant species listed in the Lithuanian Red Data Book;


Naudvaris State Botanical Reserve (68.1 ha) established in 1997 by Panevezys region for the protection of broadleaf forest habitats in the plains of northern Lithuania;


Botanical-zoological reserve of the Žalioji Forest (3102.65 ha) established by Panevėžys region in 1960 to preserve forest plant communities and fauna, typical of the plains of Central Lithuania.


Last updated: 19-06-2020