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General information about the park

Krekenava Regional Park was established by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania - Restoration Seimas on  24 September of 1992, by Resolution No. I-2913 “On the Establishment of Regional Parks and Reserves” in order to preserve the landscape, its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage valuables, manage and rationally use the Nevėžis middle valley landscape.

The area of ​​the regional park is 11589.7 ha. The territory stretches on both sides of the Nevėžis Valley, covers part of Krekenava, Upytė, Naujamiestis and Ramygala elderships in Panevėžys district and part of Surviliškis eldership in Kėdainiai district.

The boundaries of Krekenava Regional Park and its zones were approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania by Resolution No. 1416 on 10th December of 1999. The Government of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution No. 1617, signed on 9 th December 2009 "On the Approval of the Plan of the Boundaries of the Krekenava Regional Park and Its Zones" (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2009, No. 145-6570) amended the boundaries of the regional park and its zones.

According to natural and cultural values, their nature, forms of protection and possibilities of use, the territory of the regional park is divided into areas of conservation priority, ecological protection priority, recreational priority, economic priority and other (residential) priority.

The conservation priority zone consists of the following reserves: Nevėžis middle landscape, Gringaliai botanical-zoological, Linkava hydrographic, Upytė geomorphological, Ramygala telmological, Krekenava urban, Upytė historical.

Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Order No. D1-251 signed on 30 March, 2010 approved the management plan of Krekenava Regional Park (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2010, No. 39-1881).


Last updated: 19-03-2021